Hi. My name is Allison and I love to design.

My strongest skill is my love for problem-solving -- in the office, in business, in design, in code. I help cultivate businesses to meet their goals. My in-depth knowledge of all areas of the design industry and best practice standards allow me to design responsibly and give reliable insight.

I began studying web design and development at the age of 13 and began creating websites professionally at 16.  Over the years I have worked in a myriad of industries and picked up all sorts of skills -- I am proficient in visual and UI design, front-end development, email design and development, print design and more.  In recent years I've mostly worked with UI and visual design and creative direction. 

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Accepting some new clients for design and development projects.

Accepting some new clients for design and development projects.


I'm a traveling fanatic and often work as a digital nomad. I've been to 21 countries in the last decade and counting, and have been in Japan, Australia, Thailand and Greece for extended periods. 

I feel happiest in nature and love to make art with the things I find. I also costumes, furniture and household items. Good books, good music and good food are probably my favorite things in life.


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